Competition: 20/11/2011   from 10.30
Band/Limit: 2-m-band / 150 min
Competitors: 5TX4TXCom+Hlp

M i k e   D a w s o n     M1ELK

has got no place   with run time 46'52 min   and 0 foxes
of category 4TX

Route >1110m  4TXSequenceS--F
Run times47 min
Run route> 1110 m
min. distance> 4020 mS-2-4-3-1-F (4TX)
 Time stamp
Founded before(-),
within(x), after(+)
transmit cycle
Sum run time
Start12:16:34    0'00
Finish13:03:26  46'52

Fox-to-Fox run times of category 4TX

Fox >> FoxDistanceCom.(StNo) Min. RtAverage RtMax. RtDawson, Mike
S >> F1110 m1(8)  46'52 46'52 46'52 46'52

The results of category 4TX

PlNameClubCallTotal RtFoxSequenceRun timesRoute
1.Hosking, Terence IND77'104S-2-4-3-1-F22+17+19+13+06>4020m
2.Deane, David G3ZOI94'474S-2-4-3-1-F38+17+18+13+09>4020m
3.Jones, Ken M0AET114'183S-1-2-4-F51+31+22+11>4220m
4.Gregory, Daniel IND92'341S-2-F38+55>1850m
- Dawson, Mike M1ELK46'52 S-F47>1110m

Promoter: RSGB   2E0VLB