Oporcon eTiming System using iButton - Software

 ! This web page is under construction !

It is provided to support the article in the March 2012 edition of RadCom but will be expanded  later to give further information on the OPORCON eTiming system.

Below are links to my software code, originated by 9A5SP and modified by G3ZOI.
Please observe the request by 9A5SP to publish all improvements in accordance with the Artistic License 2.0

Please be aware this software is 'work-in-progress',  but it has been used successfully on a number of RSBG ARDF events.

PIC Software for the fox location control box.

This is written in  Mikroelektronika BASIC (free to use , with a very generous program size limitation.)
n.b.in this environment, the source code does include all the compiler directives for the PIC type, this are defined in the 'project settings'
i.e. Use Device P16F628, Frequency 4.194304 MHz

PIC software here.

MS Windows Software for the downloading from iButton.
This is written in Delphi.  All library files are included. If you keep them together in one project folder.  Delphi should  run and compile the code without further configuration.
Dephi 6 & 7 should run under Windows Vista and above - just ignore the error dialogue messages when first loaded.
The current software version requires the ini file and the exe file to be in the same folder, then the output files are created in the same (event) folder.
The main source file is  raydelun.pas.
The output files are
The .pas file also has code (commented out) to output in OR format, but  I regret I can't remember how well that works !!!

MS Windows software here.

Examples of results using iButton, and then published using FjwW  here.

happy punching !